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Many articles describe foods that you must avoid with braces, but do you ever wonder what you can eat with braces? We can describe a few to help you know what you can enjoy while wearing braces.

Soft foods are your best options. They will not threaten the safety of the braces like hard foods and tough meats will.

On the subject of meats, some of you may be wondering which of those you can eat. You will want more tender meats. Things like baked chicken, without any breading, and meatloaf make good options.

Eggs can also provide some protein for you. They are easy on braces, even if hard-boiled.

To get your fruits and vegetables, there are a few options. Soft fruits are your goal, and that includes bananas, mangoes, melons, kiwis, oranges and peaches. Some vegetables are a little tougher, like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, but you can steam them up so they are soft enough to eat.

For carbohydrates, you can look to pastas, soft breads and mashed potatoes. Most pastas are soft enough for braces. If you love pancakes, they are soft enough too.

You can find other ways to enjoy these foods through smoothies and soups. With smoothies, you can mix vegetables, fruits and milk into them to benefit from their nutritional values. Soups are easy on your braces too, though we recommend finding ones that have lots of vegetables. Certain soup staples like chicken noodle and tomato are okay to enjoy.

These are only some samples of what you can eat with braces. If you would like to get braces, come meet with us here at Shrewsbury Dental Group in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Our orthodontist, Dr. Karla Issac, can help you get the most out of the braces and tell you more about what foods you can eat. You can call 732-741-8707 to get in touch with us, and we will try to grant you your best smile.