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Are you familiar with the several different types of damage that can occur to the inner roots of a tooth? If for any reason the pulp of a tooth has become damaged or diseased, it may need to be repaired with a reliable endodontic treatment such as a root canal therapy. Through root canal therapy, the dental pulp can be properly treated and removed to save a tooth for future use. Questions and answers regarding infected pulp causes can be found below:

What is the significance of root canal therapy?
A root canal therapy is designed to remove damaged pulp and allow a tooth to continue functioning in your mouth.

How can a root canal therapy be used to help prevent tooth death?
If the pulp of a tooth is damaged, a tooth would need to be extracted if not for endodontic treatments such as root canals.

What are the common risk factors associated with infected pulp?
Risk factors for infected pulp include teeth that have been infected by a deep cavity, repeated dental procedures that remove tooth enamel, microscopic damage that may not be visible, as well as oral accidents or injuries that have led to damage to your tooth enamel.

What are my options for saving damaged teeth?
If you are looking to save a damaged tooth, especially one that has suffered damage to the inner workings of a tooth, it is important to look into endodontic treatments such as a root canal therapy.

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