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Have you been considering getting an oral piercing? Did you know that they could pose significant risks to your health? Many people choose to get these piercings to express their individuality. We want you to be informed of the potential risks involved to your dental and overall health before you make the decision to get one.

Bacteria naturally resides within our mouths and getting an oral piercing can make you susceptible to infections and other illnesses. One example is endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valve tissues, which could come about if the bacteria from your mouth enters your bloodstream and travels to your heart.

Oral piercings could damage your teeth. While talking or chewing, your teeth may frequently hit the metal piercing and your enamel deteriorate. Eventually, the sensitive underlayers of the tooth could become exposed or your tooth could chip or break.

Your gums may also become a victim to the metal jewelry. Frequent contact with it could cause your gums to pull away from your tooth and leave the roots potentially exposed and vulnerable to decay.

If you are still interested in getting an oral piercing, or you already have one, please make an appointment with Drs. Pastagia or Issac to learn more about protecting your health by calling 732-741-8707. At Shrewsbury Dental Group, we want you to be healthy while expressing yourself in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.